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Beyond All Towers
Poetic retelling of Sam's despair at Frodo's 'death', with a little suprise at the end.
Category: Drama
Submitted: 9/30/04


Beyond all towers strong and high

In Mordor where the shadows lie

Where day is simply lighter night

And hills are steeped with restless Wights

Where hope is broken; will gives in

Where good falls into wicked sin

Beyond all towers proud and high

Under the gaze of Sauron's eye

There still as death Sam's Frodo lay

Hands cold as ice, breath gone away

Not hearing any word Sam called

In that black tunnel where SHE crawled

In eastern lands beyond the sea

One gardener sobbed, fell to his knees

And begged his Frodo to return

To leave the sleep that death had spurned

Tears fell unnoticed from his cheeks

As Samwise prayed Frodo would speak

Faithful Samwise, far from home

Would Frodo leave him all alone?

Would Frodo go where life can't follow

Leaving his Sam for fear to swallow?

For long Sam lay, felled by despair

And long his weeping filled the air

The world still stood, the wind still blew

The hobbit wondered what he must do

He couldn't leave his Frodo there

He couldn't take IT, didn't dare

But if he didn't take the ring

If he remained, never leaving

Then all the world would suffer so,

though he and Frodo would not know,

The task had to be carried through

"I'll do the job and return to you."

With his heart breaking Sam knelt down

Clasped Frodo's hand and kissed his brow

If only love could bring him back

Surely there was no hope of that

Finding his courage Sam took the Ring

Felt at once the weight of the hateful thing

Stealing one look at his beloved's face

Sam swore to return to the wretched place

To be with Frodo when he, too, died

Beyond all pain they'd reunite

The gardener dried his eyes with his sleeve

Rose to his feet and turned to leave

Away towards mountains dark and high

Away from the tomb where a hero died

Each step a death knell to Sam's heart

His soul and body, worlds apart

For little importance Middle Earth now seemed

Since his dear master slept not to dream.

Orcs clamored passed the dark stone walls

And loudly to each other called

Sam caught the words, heard what they said

Realized his dear one wasn't dead

Like water bursting from a dam

New strength and panic filled brave Sam

Foolish Samwise, far from home

His ears heard what his heart had known

Where the orcs went the hobbit followed

As one day spun into the morrow

Heart pounding Samwise climbed the stairs

Eyes narrowed and misty with care

He wandered long, til ages passed

'Til weariness took him at the last

As last hope left him in that hell

He sang a song in sad farewell

Then, soft as whispers, words were returned

Someone answered, someone had heard

No orc voice was it; it was fair

The voice of the ringbearer! But...where?

It seemed that fate helped Samwise then

And led him to the orcs cold den

There his dear one lay, naked and torn

Eyes unfocused and careworn

Yet still alive; Sam praised the gods

They were together despite all odds

Sam gathered Frodo in his arms

And rocked him gently, kept him warm

And Frodo, feeling safe at last

Wondered if the storm had finally passed

For here an angel held him tight

And soothed him softly in the night

Frodo whispered the angel's name

Who'd turned back to plain Sam again

"Dearest Samwise, far from home

I'll tell you what I've always known.

You are my hope, my light, my joy

You've been since you were just a boy."

Sam hushed his master, smoothed his curls.

"I love you more than all the world.

Nothing'll harm you ever again.

When this is over, you'll no more pain.

Your Sam is here so don't you fret

Our journey isn't ended yet."

In that dark tower, far from home

Two hobbits face the world alone

But in each other's arms that night

They felt somehow it'd be alright

Feelings long hidden were expressed

No longer silent and second guessed

Beyond the darkness of the mines

Their shaking hands stayed intertwined

Beyond the valley of the Elves

They felt bright love inside themselves

Far from the Shire, greatly missed,

Trembling lips met in love's first kiss