West of the Moon

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Not all partings are forever…
Category: Drama
Submitted: 2/18/08


Spirit endures as flesh withers
Resisting temptation’s demand,
Surrendering all against a call
No innocent could ever withstand. 

Evil's allure exhausts his resolve.
Glittering gold commands.
A choice is required:

Fire or Desire?

He thrusts into claiming bands.

Pity and mercy save their world,
Power severed from his ruined hand;
Sacrifice, cast to veiled, exiled fate,
Leaves One who cannot understand. 

Kisses command their final embrace;
They willingly do as they must;
Desire is a holy, healing grace,
Love’s promise, their sacred trust.

Love is not quenched by seas or years,
Nor sundered by banking its fire.
From smoulder to flame, wild caresses reclaim
Each other’s most treasured desire.

Encircled by golden arms again,
Thrusting fire within yearning flesh,
Hope that endured to journey’s end
Is fulfilled ~ and eternally blessed.