West of the Moon

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Last Days
Frodo and Sam struggle to reach Orodruin.
Category: Drama
Submitted: 3/18/04


We wander nameless in this place of splintered stone
Weary feet dragging despair
The day’s weight of flesh on bone a burden
Foul, dank vapors
Eyes burning
Mouths too parched to cry for hope
Minds too worn to wish for it 

Arms no longer sanctuary
Although I reach, warming worn fingers grasping yours
Ribs prod ground rockstrewn, restless
Hips pressing mine because they must
Nothing blooms or sprouts or sings
Only a seldom rasp of words—“Come on.”
I look behind
Tracks too broken and dusty to show our blood 

Those voices call again
For me or for you, I can no longer tell
Hearts scraped raw of feeling
Heads bent low, but not in prayer
We stagger towards destruction
Choiceless and bereft
I beg for your forgiveness
And, when all things end, your mouth on mine