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On Goodbye
A Villanelle from Sam’s Heart.
Category: Drama
Submitted: 10/23/04


A/N:  I have long been fascinated by the demands of certain forms of poetry.  The villanelle, in particular, has constraints that make it a special challenge for the poet.  The 19 line villanelle is made up of 5 tercets and 1 quatrain; in addition, there are only two rhymes in the entire poem and lines 1 and 3 of the first stanza must be repeated in some way in a specific alternating pattern in the other stanzas.  The form is ideal for writing about being haunted by certain feelings or ideas.  Certainly, Sam is haunted by his emotions in the following poem.


I watch you and inside I start to cry
My love, my heart, my soul, my dearest friend
My heart breaks but I will not say goodbye. 

Our hands and feet are flayed, mouths parched and dry;
You crawl upon your knees towards journey’s end.
I watch you and inside I start to cry. 

You scream -- the Ring is taken as you vie
With Treachery more blessed than we kenned.
Your blood spills, but I will not say goodbye.

Though saved from death as eagles soar the sky,
Not all wounds heal.  With demons you contend;
I watch you and inside I start to cry. 

Though we come home, I still fear you will die.
The darkness in your soul will not mend
My heart will break if we must say goodbye. 

The swan ship on the water seems to fly.
The West will heal you; there your pain will end.
My time will come.  So though I start to cry,
‘Tis just farewell; I do not say goodbye.