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The Ribbon Road
The ribbon road unfurls ahead...
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Submitted: 6/30/04


Author’s Note: Frodo’s poem, a drabble. Translated from the Elvish by Notabluemaia. Part of the ongoing “Homecoming” series, including Enfolded, Between the Lines, Abiding, and Between the Lines – a Love Poem.


The ribbon road unfurls ahead,
Leads far from home, and hearth, and bed.
Its trailing path behind me lies—
A tender tie to what belies
All need or wish to wander far—
My sole desire, behind that door. 

The ribbon rope will draw me home,
Cords soft as love although I roam:
Love tangled strong as gardener’s art—
I long for he who binds my heart! 

The ribbon curls and turns me round
I whirl, and follow, now I’ve found
My hope renewed, when homeward bound –
Then home in truth, as arms surround
My love, my light, my solid ground.