West of the Moon

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Sam’s world crumbles to ruin in Cirith Ungol.
Category: Drama
Submitted: 2/18/08


Fallen, betrayed,
To cruel, bitter rock,
A pitying lamb
Led to slaughter;
Poisoned bloodstain
Streaks his bared white throat
Beneath glinting evil’s chain.

His life ebbs fast;
An anguished scream
Freezes in his chest.
Bravery wields
Its own fierce sting,
Here dauntless at love’s behest.

With failing strength,
By will alone,
Desperate to know
The waged battle won,
He arches, twists,
And strains
To see—

Bright eyes that blur
From blue to grey
Can no longer tell him
Who holds sway
As hazed vision dims…
All fades away.

Collapsed in the shadow
Of crags stretching high,
One palm upturned
To the darkening sky,
His outflung hand,
So small and still,
Beckons a silent plea.

The victor returns,
And falls.
He plummets to black despair.
Knees scourged by gravel,
Heart seared by dread—
He sees what he cannot bear:

Beloved eyes
Like near-dawn skies-
As a lightless sunrise,
Fixed on his hope and his fear.

Fragile cords binding
Endurance to life,
Frayed thin by vicious
Fang, burden, and knife,
Give no sign to comfort
The victor in strife,
In grief left alone
To his quest.

Hope’s ruin defied by a desperate love,
He clasps silk-shrouded life to his breast-
But cold lingers chill in the lifeless form,
Denying hope’s fervent request.

Soft lips shaped Sam
Round his last breath’s call,
Now answered, unheard, Me dear!
Cradled gently in arms
He no longer can feel
The caress of love's
Heartbroken tears.