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This one Time
Sam comforts Frodo on the Fields of Cormallen.
Category: Drama
Submitted: 6/25/03


Can I take your pain away?
May I hold you, now that it’s over and done?
Will you turn to me now that the battle is won?
Let me take your pain away.

Can I touch your face and hands?
May I kiss you, now that you’re freed from sorrow?
Will you kiss me back and not think of tomorrow?
Let me touch your face and hands.

Can I warm your mouth and your skin?
May I soothe your anguish with my tongue and breath?
Will you stay in my arms and find some rest?
Let me warm your mouth and your skin.

Can I swallow your hurt and fear?
May I take within me your living force?
Will you spend yourself completely with no remorse?
Let me swallow your hurt and fear.

Can I draw you into my heart?
May I use my own body to soothe your soul?
Will you hold onto to me and come back from the cold?
Let me draw you into my heart.

Can I be what you need this time?
May I comfort you thus after all you’ve borne?
Will you trust me to keep your heart untorn?
Let me be what you need this one time…