West of the Moon

A Tolkien Fanfiction Archive


Sam watches as the ship recedes.
Category: Drama
Submitted: 2/18/08


Here I stand on the shore
the white gulls flying
Their cries cascading in my ears
like the tears that torrent through my skin
Are they also weeping
Do they cry along with me
for you? 

Oh I would throw myself into the sea
throw away my life
and everything I have
for the one slight chance to reach you
to feel your hand
to feel you hold me once more
just once more 

What is water?
Why should I fear it?
It fills me
It flows from my eyes
my heart
Rain is cool
Springs are sweet
Tears are warm
What harm then could the sea do me?

Mayhap if I took that step
It would pity me and lift me up
and I could run along the
setting sun's path
the golden track that leads the way
to you
to the unseen lands
to the pale bright sands
to you 

Here I stand on the shore
the white gulls flying
and the world pales around me
All color drains away
away down the ship's foaming wake
Only you are not grey
but sky and sapphire
Only you hold the sunset
and the dawn
You are moonlight and stars
all the magic of this world
growing fainter
going far
leaving me 

Oh I would throw myself into that sea
I would drown my tears
dissolve all the coming years
in that ocean
if only I could find you again
I would take the plunge
as once I did
It did not matter then
where you were going
It does not matter now
Only that I follow
Only you 

Here I stand upon the shore
the white gulls crying
Here I stand
filled with water
with the sea