The 2004 GMA results are in!  Congratulations to all Winners, Runners-up, and Nominees for the Golden Mushroom Awards!!  The Staff of West of the Moon would like to thank you all for your support and participation in these awards--we hope you'll join us again next year.  Keep writing, everyone!

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Boil Vey Award
—most unusual symptom

Winner:         Mind To Mind by Shirebound (speech)
Sick Day by
Calligraphy (ADULT)

Naked Dancing Hobbits by Piplover
Playing Doctor
by Fennelseed (ADULT)
And This... by Willow-wode (ADULT)


Best Invented Disease

Winner:         Betwixt Stone and Tree by Elwen
    Sick Day by
Calligraphy (ADULT)

Go To Sleep by Piplover
Snowball Fight, Chapter 15 by Budgielover
Special Medicine by Cassiopeia (ADULT)


Best Retch


Winner:       A Careful Wishing by Tiriel (ADULT)
Runner-up:  The Memory of Taste, Chapter 3 by Febobe (speech)

Peregrins and Pendulums by Budgielover
Betwixt Stone and Tree by Elwen
The Pine-Woods Excursion by Lily Baggins

Best Crybaby

Winner:       All That I Had by Elenya (ADULT) (speech) 
  The Taste of Strawberries by Febobe (speech)

The Ringbearer and the Rose by Rabidsamfan
Mercy by ConnieMarie  
Strange Fruit by Semyaza (ADULT)


Best Drama Queen

Winner:       Divarications by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins (ADULT)
Runner-up:  The Night Season by Achillea Millefolium (ADULT)

Kindred Spirits by Elanor Gardner (ADULT)
To the Sea by Gentlehobbit
The Crossing by Dien Alcyone


Best Damsel in Distress
—this does not necessarily have to be female…

Winner:       Devoted by Mariole (ADULT) (speech)
Runner-up:  Recaptured, Chapter 119-latest by Llinos (ADULT)

Ice Storm by Notabluemaia (ADULT)
Far from Good, Chapter 3 by Claudia (ADULT)
Hebel by Elanor Gardner (ADULT)


Best Hobbitsicle
—hobbits are a dish
best served cold

Winner:       Snowblind by Europanya
Caradhras by Febobe (speech)

Recaptured, Chapter 101 by Llinos (ADULT)
Snowball Fight by Budgielover
The Warming Lesson by Briefly Del (ADULT)


Best Hobbit Wino
—“when elven eyes are smiling…*hiccup*”

Winner:       Of Dwarvish Ale and the Fairer Sex by Ariel (ADULT) (speech)
Runner-up:  A Careful Wishing by
Tiriel (ADULT)

Tipsy Hours by Kathryn Ramage (ADULT)
The Drunkard of Bag End by Jodancingtree
Hiding from Daylight by Mariposa


Best Abuse of a Controlled Substance
—"Pippin, where DID you get these mushrooms!?"

Winner:       Pipe Dreams by Willow-wode (ADULT) (speech)
Runner-up:  Awakening to Sleep by Piplover

A Certain Truth by Gullygilly (ADULT)
Smoke and Mirrors by Lovethosehobbits
Samwise Gamgee's Confession by Peachy (ADULT)


Most Inappropriate Use of Human/Elf/Dwarf

Winner:       Small Packages by Ghyste (ADULT) (speech)
Runner-up:  Pippin's Patent Remedies, Chapter 2 by Melilot Hill and Llinos

A Merry Meeting by Citrine
Just a Bit of Fun by Budgielover
The Forest Has Eyes by


Best Lost In Rivendell
—are we there yet?
(Please nominate fics where the characters spend an inordinate amount of time in a particular location: Bree, Rivendell, Minas Tirith, etc.)

Winner:       Following the Other Wizard by Jodancingtree (speech)
Runner-up:  Some Nameless Place by Budgielover (speech)


Ring Around the Merry by Aelfgifu (ADULT)
Mind To Mind by Shirebound
Moria's Revenge by Kookaburra and Llinos (ADULT)


Best Abuse of Culinary Arts
—does the book really say that Frodo can't cook?
(Please nominate stories where a hobbit’s cooking skills are grossly maligned.  It’s likely to be Frodo, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.)

Winner:       Home Cooking Hobbit Style by Budgielover (speech)
Runner-up:  Cabbages and Potatoes? by Tiriel (ADULT)

The Cooking Conspiracy by Murron and Eretria
Moria's Revenge, Chapter 32 by Kookaburra and Llinos (ADULT)
Rites of Passage, Bag End, Chapter 7 by
Willow-wode (ADULT)


Best Use of Rosie

Winner:       All That I Had by Elenya (ADULT) (speech)
Runner-up:  Festival Dancing by Ruby Nye (ADULT)

Hare and Hounds by Bill the Pony (ADULT)
The Ringbearer and the Rose by Rabidsamfan
I'll Have No More of It by Serai (ADULT)


Honourable Marlin Perkins Award
--Wild Kingdom
(Please nominate fics that make the most interesting or outrageous use of animals.)

Winner:       Following the Other Wizard by Jodancingtree (speech)
Runner-up:  The Baker's Wife by Polecat (ADULT) (speech)

Recaptured, Chapter 119-latest by Llinos (ADULT)
The Goat from Bree by Lullenny (ADULT)
When in Gondor... by Aratlithiel


Best Vacation from Canon

Winner:       The Very Secret Diaries by Cassandra Claire (ADULT)
Some Dreams Never Change by Aina (ADULT)

Fro White by Mallorn Gamgee (ADULT)
Supply and Demand by Fennelseed (ADULT)
A Yuletide Carol by Cassiopeia (ADULT)


Best Use of Flame Outside of Mt. Doom

Winner:       The Making of Samwise, Chapter 54, Fire Dance by Bill the Pony (ADULT) (speech)
Runner-up:  A Light in Dark Places by
Anso the Hobbit

Five Elements 2:Fire by Cara Loup (ADULT)
Candles by Eretria
Nocturnal Admissions by Fennelseed (ADULT)



Most Dramatic Use of Drowning (or Near Drowning)

Winner:       Bitter as Willow by Nickey (speech)
Runner-up:  Across the Waters by Oselle

Watch Every Shadow by Anso the Hobbit
A Tale that Grew in the Telling by Gamgeefest
Following the Other Wizard, Chapter 22 by Jodancingtree


Best Excuse for a Search Party—who lost Pippin THIS time?!
(Please nominate fics displaying the most unique misplacement of character(s).)

Winner:       Riding the Nightmare by Budgielover (speech)
Ice Storm by Notabluemaia (ADULT)

Moria's Revenge by Kookaburra and Llinos (ADULT)
Making of Samwise, Chapter 10, Passing by Bill the Pony (ADULT)
Spiderwebs by Lindelea


Best Rug Rat—in the nursery, no one can hear you scream…
(Please nominate fics tormented by the most mischievous young hobbit.)

Winner:       Mischief and Malcontents by Aratlithiel (speech)
Rites of Passage, The Hall, Chapter 23 by Willow-wode (ADULT)  (speech)

Peregrins and Pendulums by Budgielover
The Early Adventures of Fwo and Unga Bee by cpsing4him
Spiderwebs by Lindelea


Best Candidate for Prozac
—Frodo is never gonna make it through this one without happy pills!
(Please nominate fics in which a character is placed in the most angsty situation.)

Winner:       The Night Season by Achillea Millefolium (ADULT)
A Valinor Trilogy by Europanya (ADULT)

Recaptured, Chapter 119-latest by Llinos (ADULT)
At His Side by Mallorn Gamgee (ADULT)
A Dream in the Black Land by Serai (ADULT)


The Eye of the Tiger Award
—Do hobbits punch raw meat, or just make steak tartar?
(Please nominate the fic with the best fight scene.)

Winner:       Rites of Passage, Bag End, Chapter 13 by Willow-wode (ADULT)  (speech)
Orc Sign by Kit5

Making of Samwise, Chapter 49, Fisticuffs by Bill the Pony (ADULT)
Nigh on September by Aratlithiel and MBradford
River Stones by Jeodo Brandybuck


The Cue the Orchestra Award
—“Ya know, author dear, we’re not elves.  I’m just sayin’.”
(Please nominate fics that are begging for a conclusion.)

Winner:       Making of Samwise by Bill the Pony (ADULT) (speech)
Runner-up:  Recaptured by Llinos (ADULT)

Rites of Passage by Willow-wode (ADULT)
The Claiming of the Ring by Europanya (ADULT)
A Second Darkness by Mordelhin (ADULT)



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