The 2005 GMA results are in!  Congratulations to all Winners, Runners-up, and Nominees for the Golden Mushroom Awards!!  The Staff of West of the Moon would like to thank you all for your support and participation in these awards--we hope you'll join us again next year.  Keep writing, everyone!

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Boil Vey Award
—most unusual symptom

Winner:         Mothballs by Semyaza (ADULT) (speech)
Runner-up:    Force of Nature by

The Secret by Mews1945
Back to Business by Semyaza (ADULT)
Slightly Muddled by Lindelea


Best Invented Disease

Winner:         Time and a Little Nurturing by Elenya (ADULT) (speech)
    Slightly Muddled by

Mothballs by Semyaza (ADULT)
High Spirits by Elanor Gardner (ADULT)
A Song To Hold Off the Dark by Citrine


Best Retch


Winner:       Rites of Passage: The Hall, Chapter 23 by Willow-wode (ADULT)
Notes and Observations by Frodo of the Shire by Lurea

Of a Hobbit and a King by Mews1945 (ADULT)
Counterpoint: Dissonance by Daffodil Bolger (ADULT)
Rites of Passage: Bag End, Chapter 15 by Willow-wode (ADULT)

Best Crybaby

Winner:       Cornfields, Plow Horses, and Demons by Frodo_naatulien (ADULT) (speech)
The Adventures of Tom and Barard by Elenya (ADULT) (speech)

A Mishap in the Kitchen by Baggins Babe
The Way to Healing by Arien
Two Ships by Mallorn Gamgee (ADULT)


Best Drama Queen

Winner:       An Impractical Joke by Elycia (ADULT)
Runner-up:  The Wight Stuff by Lady Sunrope (ADULT)

The Brown Book by Blackbird Song (ADULT)
For Eyes to See as Can by Larner
The Coming, The Going, and The Gone by Peachy (ADULT)


Best Damsel in Distress
—this does not necessarily have to be female…

Winner:       On the North Downs by Laura Mason (ADULT) (speech)
Runner-up:  Help Unlooked For by
Slightly Tookish (speech)
Runner-up:  Over His Head by Stranger (ADULT) (speech)

Before I Go to Sleep by Cuthalion (ADULT)
The Black Widow by Peachy (ADULT)


Best Hobbitsicle
—hobbits are a dish
best served cold

Winner:       Ice Storm by Notabluemaia (ADULT)
Friends And Lovers by Annwyn  (ADULT) (speech)

Swept Away by Slightly Tookish
Cousins, Colds and Comforts by Anso the Hobbit
Breath of Winter by Cuthalion


Best Hobbit Wino
—“when elven eyes are smiling…*hiccup*”

Winner:       Symbiosis by Willow-wode (ADULT)
Runner-up:  Pipeweed and Pints by Baggins Babe

Hangover Cure by Indiehobbitlass (ADULT)
Earth, Chapter Two by Jeodo Brandybuck
Where the Love-light Gleams by Lindelea


Best Abuse of a Controlled Substance
—"Pippin, where DID you get these mushrooms!?"

Winner:       The Root of the Matter by Mariole (ADULT) (speech)
Runner-up:  Dangerous Fruit by Elderberry Wine (ADULT) (speech)

Love Potion by Aina (ADULT)
Dreaming by Lurea (ADULT)
Cure For A Headache by Claudia (ADULT)


Most Inappropriate Use of Human/Elf/Dwarf

Winner:       The Mourning After the Night Before by Ghyste (ADULT) (speech)
The Mark of A... Warrior? by Ariel

In the Company of Friends by Slightly Tookish
Vengeance is a Dish Best Served with Ale by Mordelhin (ADULT)
The Wings of the Shadow by Aprilkat (ADULT)


Best Lost In Rivendell
—are we there yet?
(Please nominate fics where the characters spend an inordinate amount of time in a particular location: Bree, Rivendell, Minas Tirith, etc.)

Winner:       The Minstrel's Quest by Gentle Hobbit (speech)
The Adventures of Tom and Barard by Elenya (ADULT) (speech)

A Merry Meeting in Bree by Maya_ar
A Second Darkness by Mordelhin (ADULT)
Recaptured by Llinos (ADULT)


Best Abuse of Culinary Arts
—does the book really say that Frodo can't cook?
(Please nominate stories where a hobbit’s cooking skills are grossly maligned.  It’s likely to be Frodo, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.)

Winner:       The Root of the Matter by Mariole (ADULT) (speech)
Runner-up:  Strawberry Truffles by Gamgeefest (speech)

The Old Cookbook by Iorhael
Counterpoint by Daffodil Bolger (ADULT)
Rites of Passage, Bag End, Chapter 7 by
Willow-wode (ADULT)


Best Use of Rosie

Winner:       Hare and Hounds by Bill The Pony (ADULT)
Runner-up:  Inspirare by Ariel
Runner-up:  Twisting the Knife by Trust No One (speech)

Dreaming by Lurea (ADULT)
Rosie's Year by Ruby Nye (ADULT)


Honourable Marlin Perkins Award
--Wild Kingdom
(Please nominate fics that make the most interesting or outrageous use of animals.)

Winner:       Force of Nature by Shirebound (speech)
The Making of Samwise, Chapter 67 by Bill the Pony (ADULT)

Pied Piper by Angharad (ADULT)
Strike While the Iron is Hot by Grey Wonderer
The Terror of Buckland by Inkling


Best Vacation from Canon

Winner:       At the Sign of the Hungry Hobbit by Mews1945 (speech)
Psyche by Igraine (ADULT) (speech)

25 Stories Bill the Pony Never Wrote About Sam Gamgee by Bill The Pony (ADULT)
Spared by Princess of Geekland (ADULT)
The Adventures of Tom and Barard by Elenya (ADULT)


Best Use of Flame Outside of Mt. Doom

Winner:       Hourglass, Chapter 10 by Igraine (ADULT) (speech)
Up From The Ashes by Elanor Gardner (speech)

FireStorm by Lindelea
Rites of Passage, Bag End, Chapter 16 by Willow-wode (ADULT)
Kindred Spirits by Elanor Gardner (ADULT)



Most Dramatic Use of Drowning (or Near Drowning)

Winner:       P.O.V. by Willow-wode (ADULT)
Hobbit Aid by Dreamflower (speech)

The River by Indigo Bunting
The Terror of Buckland by Inkling
Hourglass by Igraine (ADULT)


Best Excuse for a Search Party—who lost Pippin THIS time?!
(Please nominate fics displaying the most unique misplacement of character(s).)

Winner:       The Adventures of Tom and Barard by Elenya (ADULT) (speech)
In the Bleak Midwinter by Kelllie

Help Unlooked For by Slightly Tookish
A Healer's Tale by Lindelea
The River by Indigo Bunting


Best Rug Rat—in the nursery, no one can hear you scream…
(Please nominate fics tormented by the most mischievous young hobbit.)

Winner:       Counterpoint, Interfolio - Scherzo by Daffodil Bolger (ADULT)
Runner-up:  The Trouble with Jam by
Grey Wonderer (speech)

A Pint of Trouble by Mariposa
What I Did This Summer... by Dreamflower
Pastime by illyria


Best Candidate for Prozac
—Frodo is never gonna make it through this one without happy pills!
(Please nominate fics in which a character is placed in the most angsty situation.)

Winner:       Devoted by Mariole (ADULT) (speech)
Runner-up:  The Acceptable Sacrifice by Larner

Joy Hereafter by Semyaza  (ADULT)
Dusk-singer by illyria
Counterpoint by Daffodil Bolger (ADULT)


The Eye of the Tiger Award
—Do hobbits punch raw meat, or just make steak tartar?
(Please nominate the fic with the best fight scene.)

Winner:       The Making of Samwise, Chapter 44 by Bill the Pony (ADULT)
Parley by Claudia (ADULT)
River Stones by Jeodo Brandybuck

Pinned by Zirconia Bracegirdle (ADULT)
The Battle of Bywater by Lullenny


The Cue the Orchestra Award
—“Ya know, author dear, we’re not elves.  I’m just sayin’.”
(Please nominate fics that are begging for a conclusion.)

Winner:       The Errand Lad by Rabidsamfan (speech)
Runner-up:  A Second Darkness by Mordelhin (ADULT)

A Middle-earth Mary Sue Tragedy by Lily Baggins
Rites of Passage by Willow-wode (ADULT)
The Claiming of the Ring by Europanya (ADULT)



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