The purpose of these awards is to promote companionship among the authors and readers of hobbit fanfiction--by allowing us to poke a little fun at ourselves! 



We love Tolkien.  And everything he created from the mighty Eye of Sauron to the humble hobbits of the Shire.  We make no money from this, and seek only to honor his memory by expanding on his incredibly rich source material.  In ways that may or may not make him turn over in his grave.  No authors were harmed or paid in the inception and distribution of these awards.



The awards categories that you will find herein are a bit unusual, but they are designed to mimic an MTV-style of award, and provide entertainment for us hobbit-loving folk. 

So let us state UP FRONT:  these categories are a bit abrupt and snarky, and they are meant to be that way.  But they are general and are not meant to persecute any group, or make fun of anyone. 

These awards are designed to allow us to laugh with each other, not at each other, so if you are nominated for an award, please accept in the spirit of fun and do not feel that you are being affronted, because you are NOT.  Okay, now that that’s out of the way…


The Setup: 

These awards are aimed at the hobbit-centric writing crowd, so all fics nominated MUST feature a hobbit as a main character. 

These awards are strictly for fake person fiction, so please do not nominate any real person fiction for these awards. 

There are two groups of awards:  General and Adult.  Any genre of fic can be nominated in either group of awards (ie, you can nominate a slash or het fic in a general category or a gen fic in an adult category), however all fics with adult content will be so marked when final voting begins.  To reiterate, Adult fics can win General awards, and vice versa, so please don't hesitate to nominate Adult fics for General categories and General fics for Adult categories!

We warn you now, the adult categories are quite adult, and are not intended for those under the age of 18.  Persons underage should only nominate fics in the general categories.



Nominations will begin on January 10th and close on January 31st. 

2005 nomination rules:  All stories posted on the internet are eligible for nomination, EXCEPT those that won or were named runner-up in a particular GMA category in a previous year.  Said fics are not disqualified from nomination in other categories, just in the category they won previously.  Previous year's winners are listed on the nominations page in all their glory, so everyone knows who can't be nominated again for what. 

Both completed fics and works in progress are eligible for nomination, as most of these awards deal with specific scenes within a fic and not the fic as a whole.  All fics or WIP chapters nominated must be COMPLETE before January 1st and available on the web.

You may nominate one fic per category.  We will be monitoring for multiple nominations from the same person, so please nominate only one.  If we find that you have nominated more than one, only your first nomination will count.  Please provide your email address, the story title, author, an email address for the author, and a url for the story.

Any story on the web is eligible for nomination, not just those archived on West of the Moon.  For our convenience, however, if the story is archived on West of the Moon, please list the WOTM url. 

We will not hunt you down, but we discourage authors from nominating their own fics. This is not a venue for self-promotion, but an opportunity to receive kudos and japes from your readers. 

After nominations close, the top five stories in each category with be determined from the nominations, and these stories will be short-listed for voting.

All authors whose stories are short-listed will be notified and given the option to decline short-listing.



Voting will begin on February 10th, and end on March 5th, at which time votes will be tallied and awards distributed shortly thereafter.  One vote per category per person please, you will be tracked!  Please be fair, folks, and only vote once!

Results will be posted on March 15th.  Concession and acceptance speeches from nominees are encouraged, and will be posted at the webmaster's discretion.  Be sure to stop by and see the awards for the winners!



Awards presented will hold no monetary value, but merely allow you preening and prancing privileges before your devoted fans and envious peers!

Contact Us:

Questions?  Please contact us at gma@west-of-the-moon.net and we will be happy to address any inquiries or concerns that you may have. 

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