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Name: LaurelindorinanDate: Fri Oct 8 00:30:14 GMT+4 2004
Email: neenee903@aol.com
This is beautiful. You have achieved a simpicity of tone that works well here. Thank you so much for sharing!

Name: Suiren-chanDate: Sun Oct 24 15:28:46 GMT+4 2004
Email: pydro24@yahoo.com
That was possibly the best F/S poem I've ever read! In fact, I'm saving it so I can recommend it on livejournal or something - *is amazed* Many poems just aren't that good and I end up staying in the fic section - what an exception! So creative to take the original poem (that I like so much!) and the ending is sooooo sweet! ^_^ The rhyming fits very well too, not just a corny attempt by any means!! Thanks!